IK Yellow A4 Paper 70gsm

IK Yellow A4 Paper 70gsm Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

IK Yellow A4 Paper 70gsm

We delivered you IK yellow paper, which has the weight of 70gsm and size of A4. We Interflon Trading LLC are connected with IK yellow paper, which means we will offer you IK yellow paper on your footstep, be it departmental store or home we supply our products to everyone. With the help of IK yellow paper, you will be able to increase your work efficiency by taking out excellent and optimum standard printouts from the system. IK sheets are suitable for both prints nay to use a pen or pencil on it. Regardless of the prints, it takes the maximum number of printouts in a single run for the smooth texture of the sheet. It does not become the cause of jamming in the printer.

Uses of IK yellow a4 paper 70gsm

It is used for the documentation work

Benefits of IK yellow a4 paper 70gsm

It is jam-free paper

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