Palm Oil

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Palm Oil

Day by day, the consumption of palm oil has been increasing worldwide. We extract palm oil from the fresh and fleshy fruit of palms. People referred to red palm oil to the unrefined oil due to its reddish-orange colour. Palm fruit comes from the tree of Elaeis guineensis tree which is native to Africa. Palm oil is in use since 5000 years. Sometimes the hybrid of two plants are required to produce palm oil. It has found that palm oil is on the third global rank of oil production, but the best part is, it is inexpensive oil. On the room temperature, the oil is semi-solid and contains various nutritional values 

Uses of palm oil

Palm oil is used as a fuel, in food processing, for the formulation of medicines, and another industrial usage.

Benefits of palm oil

It helps to cure the disease like cancer, brain disease, cholesterol level, high blood pressure. 

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