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Face Mask Manufacturers and Suppliers in Thailand

We Interflon Trading LLC are the manufacturer, wholesale supplier and exporters of Face Mask in Thailand, which we all use regularly. From small sectors to big industries, we deliver our best quality Face Mask at different corners of the Thailand: general store, personal care, healthcare industry, food industry, departmental stores, retail shops, etc.

INTERFLON TRADING LLC is the leading company, who deals in several business trading parts. However, our first preference is customer satisfaction, which we provide you through the quality of our products and which can be purchased at an affordable price. We keep our promise about Face Mask and its authenticity, all of our products are lab tested, which signifies no more worries about the quality of the product, neither your health nor safety. 

We are service providers in distinct sectors such as manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, retailers, etc. all of such services provided by our end for your convenience and promise you to provide 100% authentic and best Face Mask in Thailand

Gladly, we have a team of experts in Thailand who will look after all the business transactions of our company. We are lucky to have them in our company. They all are experts in the sales, distribution, manufacturing, and designing of the products. To know more about our thriving company, make an order for your work purpose, and connect with our team, who will support you.

Our Products

Surgical Mask

Presently, surgical masks are in high demand. With the help of a surgical mask, people conceal their face and protect face, mouth, nose from the co

Non Woven Surgical Mask

This mask is similar to the medical cover, which used for protection. Many of the health experts and ordinary public use a non-woven surgical mask

N95 Mask

These days airborne disease are spreading rapidly to prevent such conditions from inserting in our body and harming us N95c masks are introduced in

3M N95 Mask

Benefits of 3m n95 cover go beyond to your expectation when you wear this mask at any place. It ultimately secures your respiratory system against

N99 Mask

N99 face mask protects you from both dangers of pollution and airborne disease. It has a filter attached on the cover which protects your health ag

Anti Germ Face Mask

Well, we all know anti-germ face mask, surgical mask and medical masks are same, there is even no slight difference among them. The health industri

3 Ply Surgical Face Mask

The three-ply surgical face mask is similar to surgical mask or medical mask, but there is a slight difference among them, which is of the layer. 3