Paper & Lighter in Thailand

Paper & Lighter Manufacturers and Suppliers in Thailand

We Interflon Trading LLC are the manufacturer, wholesale supplier and exporters of Paper & Lighter in Thailand, which we all use regularly. From small sectors to big industries, we deliver our best quality Paper & Lighter at different corners of the Thailand: general store, personal care, healthcare industry, food industry, departmental stores, retail shops, etc.

INTERFLON TRADING LLC is the leading company, who deals in several business trading parts. However, our first preference is customer satisfaction, which we provide you through the quality of our products and which can be purchased at an affordable price. We keep our promise about Paper & Lighter and its authenticity, all of our products are lab tested, which signifies no more worries about the quality of the product, neither your health nor safety. 

We are service providers in distinct sectors such as manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, retailers, etc. all of such services provided by our end for your convenience and promise you to provide 100% authentic and best Paper & Lighter in Thailand

Gladly, we have a team of experts in Thailand who will look after all the business transactions of our company. We are lucky to have them in our company. They all are experts in the sales, distribution, manufacturing, and designing of the products. To know more about our thriving company, make an order for your work purpose, and connect with our team, who will support you.

Our Products

Clipper Lighter

When it comes to lightning the cigarette or any other smoking roll, smokers are particular for it they choose classic lighters which add value to t

Bic Lighter

Nowadays we grab any type of lighter or even matchstick to lit the cigarettes, but earlier BIC lighters were in high demand when it first hit the s

Cricket lighter

Cricket lighters are the leading lighter company in the world, they have invented first ever disposable more luminous in the market in 1961, which

Rizla Paper

Rizla is a famous rolling paper which manufactured in France for smoking, these days various designs and types of rizla smoking paper is available

Raw Rolling Paper

Natural create an enjoyable and fantastic experience for the smokers who love to begin smoking from the initial rituals of creating your joint roll

OCB Rolling Paper

OCB stands for Odet Cascedec Bollore. The first manufacturing plant of OCB rolling papers was established in Odet which was specialized in manufact

Big Bambu Rolling Papers

Big Bambu Rolling Papers is a famous rolling paper that is known in the market for its fine quality for smoking, Interflon is the