ISO Reefer Container

ISO Reefer Container Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

 ISO Reefer Container

Investigate our ISO guaranteed scope of refrigerated containers for delivery and putting away transitory or temperature-controlled merchandise. As the world's biggest provider of DNV refrigerated containers, we offer a wide scope of sizes from 10ft containers through to our huge BlizzardStore; a few 40ft refrigerated containers consolidated together.

A Refrigerated Container is a steel trailer introduced with a cooling unit to keep merchandise at a managed temperature.
Refrigerated Containers frequently alluded to as Reefer Containers are intended to store or move transient products like food and refreshments, drugs, or blossoms.

A standard Refrigerated Container regularly has a temperature scope of - 35°C to +30°C, meaning they can keep merchandise frozen, chilled, and, surprisingly, warmed, no matter what the outside temperature of their environmental elements.
Cargostore likewise offers particular refrigerated containers, for example, the SuperCold Immunization stockpiling container which can reach - 70°C, as well as the Double Temperature Container which can work with a cooler and chiller segment at the same time.

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