Typek A4 Paper

Typek A4 Paper Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Typek A4 Paper

Typek paper is the brand sponsored by the Sappi, which is a Hong Kong-based company that manufactures world-class, high-quality copy papers. They are mainly preferred stationery, retailers, and business for its better quality copy papers. Typek paper is produced from the fiber of sugarcane trees. They believe in sustainable plantations; therefore, they contribute to the woodlands. On the packets on Typek copy papers, there is a logo visible, which makes you understand it is the genuine product of Typek. They provide you with a fantastic combination of softness, edible ink, and color reflection, making it a superior and professional choice among other copy paper brands.

Uses of Typek A4 paper

It is used for printing letters, notices, projects, and other necessary documents.

Benefits of Typek A4 paper

Typek paper is smooth and thicker. Moreover, it contributes to the environment by using sugarcane fiber

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