Bic Lighter

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Bic Lighter

Nowadays we grab any type of lighter or even matchstick to lit the cigarettes, but earlier BIC lighters were in high demand when it first hit the stores in the 1970s. Today BIC is one the largest lighter manufacturing company in the USA with over 4 million retail stores. The lighters are designed in the view to fit everyone’s style, but still millions of people prefer BIC lighters due to its disposable nature and flawless body. From starting to till now BIC is the only light which is least expensive for any smoker, and they are made up of plastic body, filled with butane fuel. They are the simplest and straightforward lighters to use. 

Uses of BIC lighter

With the help of BIC lighters, smokers can burn their cigarettes or tobacco rolls. 

Benefits of BIC lighters

These lighters are disposable, simple to use and can be purchased at a very affordable price. 

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