Polythene Gloves

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Polythene Gloves

Polythene gloves are plastic gloves, which are transparent and mainly used for the food handling industry. With the help of polythene gloves, we protect the food from the infection, which may harm others. By wearing these gloves at restaurants, cafes, food packaging industry, workers preserve the health of their customers by serving them clean any hygienic food which does not cause you diseases. These gloves are disposable and can only be used for a single time after that it can be disposed of. Regularly several industries contact us for polythene gloves to protect their product and the lives of others. During the time of cooking food, serving food or packaging of food controls your germs from the further spread

Uses of polythene gloves

Mainly it is used to protect the food while preparing or packing. Therefore, it manages the risk of cross-contamination

Benefits of polythene gloves

These gloves are disposable and fit to your skin.

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