Copimax A4 Paper

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Copimax A4 Paper

Copimax copy paper is Thailand's brand that allows you to take optimum and standard quality printouts from the machine. This paper is manufactured from the natural wood pulp tree. With the no see-through features, it allows you to print on both the sides of the sheet. It has no jamming feature as well, which runs efficiently in your printing device due to the soft texture of the sheet. Whether it is an inkjet printer or laser printer, it takes printouts from each of the printing devices. After taking out the prints, neither it leaves the dust in the machine nor folds the sheet. All the photographs are durable for a long time until the layer gets destroyed.

Uses of Copimax A4 paper

It will be used for printing

Benefits of Copimax A4 paper

We are available with a wide range of choices in copimax copy papers.

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