Multipurpose Copy Paper

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Multipurpose Copy Paper

Many users require multipurpose copy papers due to their versatile nature and multitasking function, especially places like offices. Home needs them because it saves their lot of extra and unnecessary cost of printing and provides them all the tasks within a sheet only. Therefore, it can easily carry monochrome prints and colored prints from each type of printing device that does not draw an extra outline. When the layer is inside the device, it smoothly takes printout due to its high runnability performance and smooth texture. Moreover, it does not leave the dust of the white sheets inside while printing. Multipurpose sheets can be print on both sides.

Uses of Multipurpose copy paper

Its use at various places like offices, schools, homes, etc. for the printing process

Benefits of Multipurpose copy paper

It has a soft and white surface and no see-through function, therefore, it can be print on both the sides

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