Clipper Lighter

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Clipper Lighter

When it comes to lightning the cigarette or any other smoking roll, smokers are particular for it they choose classic lighters which add value to their status and make them stand out among other smokers with a classic look. The clipper lighters were designed in Barcelona. They have its manufacturing plant there since 1972. The refillable Clipper lighters hit the market when it introduced first, and till now it is the preference of multiple smokers. The cylindrical-shaped light has a removable flint which is refillable as well and also a thumbwheel. Clipper is the only lighter in the market which allows you to refill the lighter or to replace the flint.

Uses of Clipper Lighter

With the help of clipper lighters, smokers can burn their cigarettes or other tobacco rolls.

Benefits of clipper lighter

It has a refillable function and also can replace the flint 

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