N99 Mask

N99 Mask Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

N99 Mask

N99 face mask protects you from both dangers of pollution and airborne disease. It has a filter attached on the cover which protects your health against the attack of the virus which roams in the air in the form of small liquid droplets. Moreover, the atmosphere of pollution damage your lunges, which means wearing of face mask is essential for you to protect your health against the deadly substances which is freely roaming in the air. Try to wear n99 mask in the public areas than another face mask, unlike another face mask it protects you from all types of virus, pollution, and another microorganism. We are the manufacture of n99 covers which are thoroughly tested by our experts.

Uses of n99 mask

This mask is useful for the protection against the attack of germs and other pollution

Benefits of n99 mask

It has a filter attached on it which protects you from both infection and airborne disease. 

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