CPU Pins

CPU Pins Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

CPU Pins

Interflon trading group is the leading wholesale supplier and exporter of CPU Pins in Malaysia. All pins which we are offering have been removed from Intel and AMD chips only. They have not been melted down or diluted with pins from hard drive boards, connector pins, or other low-quality items. Other sellers sell melted drops that can contain any sort of material and consume much more materials to refine. The pins in my listing can be refined in a number of ways, you are not limited to a solid drop that takes forever to refine and consume a great deal more chemistry. These CPU pins are great for practicing if you are new to refining.


Gold Ceramic CPU

Intel 486 and 386 CPUIntel I960 and Motorola CpuIntel Pentium Pro CpuAMD 486 and 586 CPUCpu Top GoldTop and bottom gold CPUIntel Pentium 1DLP Cpu

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