Double A A4 paper 70gsm

Double A A4 paper 70gsm Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Double A A4 paper 70gsm

Double copy paper is an international brand of Thailand that has various other branches in different countries. Their motive is to serve you high-quality copy papers that give you sharp prints and use their papers you will contribute to the environment. It has the grammage of 70 gsm, whereas the size of the A4 sheet. Be it monochrome prints or colored prints. It gives you all types of printouts from every kind of printing device. Furthermore, it keeps the photographs for a more extended period, and after that, the prints, the sheet keeps remain straight despite fold or roll.

Uses of Double a4 paper 70gsm

Similar to other double copy paper it provides you option for multipurpose work within your office

Benefits of Double a4 paper 70gsm

It is a versatile paper which is available in different sizes and types for the printing purpose.

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