Vinyl Gloves

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Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are versatile gloves which play several roles and protect your hands from several transmissions of germs and infections. It is a suitable substitute for rubber latex gloves that cause allergy on your hands. These gloves are manufactured with the standard material which can be easily stretchable and hold up any punctures. Be it sharp tools or chemical substances. Vinyl gloves protect your hands from any kind of content they can be used for any industrial purpose. To keep gloves safe and durable, preserve them at a dry place where it does not catch the light of the sun to maintain its properties. We are the manufacture of vinyl gloves which are tested by the experts.

Uses of vinyl gloves

For various purposes, vinyl gloves are come in use be its food industry, health industry or any other industry.

Benefits of vinyl gloves

They are fit to the skin and does not cause allergy on your hands. 

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