IK Plus A4 Paper 80gsm

IK Plus A4 Paper 80gsm Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

IK Plus A4 Paper 80gsm

As you know, multiple types of IK plus layers are available in the market. One of them is an 80gsm sheet, which is another weightage of IK sheets. The grammage of the sheet describes you the thickness of the paper as well as it represents you the opacity. Luckily, IK plus sheets are no see-through, which means users can print on both sides of the sheet without the fear of getting absorbed or spoiled. It has a jam-free function that does not stick your sheet inside the printing device and does not roll or ruin your sheet once it comes out the method as it is torn resistance sheet 

Uses of IK plus a4 paper 80gsm:

During the time of high-quality prints, we use IK plus paper to perform such activity

Benefits of IK plus a4 paper 80gsm:

Tear resistance and jam-free copy paper

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