IK Plus Paper

IK Plus Paper Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

IK plus paper is an Indonesia-based brand that serves you with standard quality sheets that are demanded in various places like hospitals, schools, offices, retail stores, home, etc. IK plus are well known for their high-quality prints, which are available in different sizes, grammages, and types frequently required at the workplace. Rather than other copy paper brands, it has more thickness, whiteness, and brightness, which makes your work stand out and also increase your work efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of printing applications does not matter whether it would be old or new. Furthermore, it is a multitasking copy paper that is affordable and does not cause you extra during the printing process.

Uses of IK plus Paper

It is used for printing in offices and various other organizations.

Benefits of IK plus Paper

Thicker, whiter, & brighter are the main three components of IK plus copy paper