Purple Nitrile Gloves

Purple Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Purple Nitrile Gloves

Purple nitrile gloves are the excellent and suitable choice for healthcare workers. It is identical to nitrile gloves, and the only difference is of color. The color of the nitrile glove is purple, whereas the properties of purple nitrile gloves are similar to other nitrile gloves. In the health industry, health workers use purple nitrile gloves during the treatment, checkup, surgery, or operation of patients. By wearing these gloves, they can reduce the risk of spreading bacteria, germs, or body fluids from one person to another. We manufactured purple nitrile gloves from the standard synthetic nitrile material free from powder and do not contain latex properties.

Uses of Purple nitrile gloves

It helps to protect the healthcare workers from the risk of virus, bacteria, and its transmission.

Benefits of Purple nitrile gloves

It is a durable product that comes in a pearly purple color, which soothes your mood.

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