Cricket lighter

Cricket lighter Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Cricket lighter

Cricket lighters are the leading lighter company in the world, they have invented first ever disposable more luminous in the market in 1961, which has been driven and cross various stages and countries. Since then cricket lighters has made a special place in the heart of smokers, they believe no one ever loses the spark from their hearts, so does their lighter as well. Smokers want a classic lighter which has attractive design and functions so does the cricket lighters have, they are lightweight lighters that can be easily carried around everywhere with compact size. They have a wide range of choice in flames in different colours. We are the distributors of cricket lighters. 

Uses of Cricket Lighters

With the help of cricket lighters, smokers can lit their tobacco rolls or any other project.

Benefits of Cricket Lighters

These lighters are disposable, and compact which we sell at a very reasonable price 

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