Demerara Sugar

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Demerara Sugar

Demerara sugar is manufactured from the sugarcane, which has big grains that provides sweet and crunchy texture in the baking. It originates from South America, but most of the sugar comes from Mauritius only. Often it is used to add as a sprinkle over the desserts, but you can also add it to the tea, coffee, shakes or other beverages. Naturally, it contains a lower amount of molasses which gives it a slight brown color and has the caramel flavour. It has the same production process as any other sugar has, by pressing the sugarcane that requires minimal other processing. Regardless of its nature, this sugar can be added to your meals and beverages. 

Uses of Demerara sugar

This sugar is mainly sprinkled over the desserts to give a crunchy flavour. However, it can also be added to beverages.

Benefits of Demerara sugar

It contains essential nutrients like vitamins, calcium, and iron. 

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