Canola Oil

Canola Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Canola Oil

One can quickly found canola in many processing food items. We create canola oil through the cross-breeding of plants, the name canola derives from Canada, whereas Ola comes from oil. However, canola plant looks identical to the rapeseed plant, yet both contain different nutrients for human consumption. Since the canola oil is emerging into the market, we have been improvising the quality of our seeds to provide you with quality and refined vegetable oil of canola. With the help of canola oil, we produce oil and meal, which is for animal feed, whereas oil is for human consumption. It passes through several stages to form and to get refined. It involves synthetic chemical processing as well.

Uses of canola oil

It is a versatile oil which use for several cooking processes

Benefits of canola oil

It has a high smoke point which makes it healthiest cooking oil and promotes skin health 

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