Rizla Paper

Rizla Paper Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Rizla Paper

Rizla is a famous rolling paper which manufactured in France for smoking, these days various designs and types of rizla smoking paper is available in the market. Most of the smokers prefer to make their cigarette or tobacco rolls, in the small joint. It is the thinnest smoking paper which is not dangerous for the environment neither for human consumption. Rizla is the top smoking paper among other brands due to its quality which other brands do not provide to its users. Since 1500, Rizla smoking paper has hit the market all over the globe and collect a million smoker’s heart. 

Uses of Rizla Smoking rolling Paper

It is used to make your joint or tobacco rolls for smoking.

Benefits of Rizla Smoking rolling Paper

It is a thin paper which does not lose ash trails behind the smoke and available in different types & flavours 

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