Piloncillo Sugar

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Piloncillo Sugar

Piloncillo sugar is a raw form of sugarcane which extensively used for Mexican cooking. Even sometimes it is referred to as Mexican brown sugar. This sugar does not pass under through the processing stage. It naturally contains a brown color which does not occur due to the molasses. Piloncillo are also called panocha and panela that can be used as other sweeteners in the food processing. Piloncillo is made by boiling the sugarcane and pour it into the cone-shaped vessel for the moulding. Piloncillo is identical to brown sugar. However, they are different; it has natural sugar without any contamination in it. 

Uses of Piloncillo Sugar

We offer you piloncillo sugar which is widely used in the Mexican kitchens for the food preparation and to serve delicious beverages.

Benefits of Piloncillo Sugar

It is a pure form of sugar with no additives and more beneficial to your health 

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