Brass Scrap

Brass Scrap Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Brass Scrap

Brass scrap is the leftover material from the virgin article of brass. We provide you used brass sheets, poles and other stuff to manufacture new goods for industrial purposes. With the help of brass you can provide efficiency to your work, brass scrap is good for the small dealers and the new start-ups as they require low investment due to the new business, therefore, they prefer brass scrap which is beneficial for their business. Brass acts as a substitute of gold, which is fitted in the washbasins, sinks, for gold plating, etc. we interflow trading LLC are the suppliers of brass scrap at every corner of the world for small vendors and the industry too. 

Uses of Brass scrap

Brass scrap is mainly used for the manufacturing of new products, or it is use for the platting instead of gold.

Benefits of Brass scrap

It is better to substitute for gold and helps to manufacture a new product 

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