Biogel Gloves

Biogel Gloves Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Biogel Gloves

We provide you biogel gloves, which is all-purpose gloves used for the healthcare purpose that controls the transmission of diseases from one person to another. We manufactured biogel gloves with sterile, its powder-free gloves and contains the properties of natural rubber latex surgical gloves, which act as a perfect barrier during the time of surgery. Biogel surgical gloves are coated with biogel from the core, and it is easy to wear gloves removing too. With the help of biogel gloves, users can soothe their skin, unlike other gloves that cause you to allergy on the surface. With the detailing of a beaded cuff, it secures your wrist.

Uses of Biogel gloves

It is used to protect against the risk of viruses, body fluids, and other microorganisms.

Benefits of Biogel gloves

It has detailed beaded cuff and soothes your hand skin due to the properties of biogel

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