Corn Oil

Corn Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Corn Oil

We mainly used corn oil for deep frying due to its high smoke point, and it is widely used at every other home. Aside from the food processing applications, it plays a significant role in other industries as well, such as for the formulation of cosmetics. Corn oil products from the corn itself and to become oil, it has to pass through from various complex refinery stages. During the processing and refining time, it does not lose its essential nutrients. Corn oil has 100% fats and per tablespoon of corn oil provides you 122 calories. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory phytosterols that reduce the threat of heart disease.

Uses of corn oil

It is vastly used for the cooking process or to formulate cosmetic products

Benefits of corn oil

It is the better alternative of olive oil and coconut oil and has a high smoke point. 

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