Copper Wire Scrap

Copper Wire Scrap Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Copper Wire Scrap

Copper wire scrap is collected from the electricians or electrical trades who deal into the wires and boards. The copper wire scrap is the leftover wire from the project of manufacturing any electrical item, or it comes from the homes where we used it inside the electrical boards to run the electricity from one corner to another corner of the house. Copper wires are used at various places with the electrical work. By choosing copper wire scrap over other virgin copper it saves a lot of costs, furthermore, it requires less energy as compared to the natural products. We are the distributor of copper wire scrap worldwide in a bulk quantity. 

Uses of Copper wire scrap

To form a new product or it is used at different industrial sites 

Benefits of copper wire scrap

It can be purchased under affordable price and in bulk quantity for the industrial purpose. 

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