Navigator Paper 80gsm

Navigator Paper 80gsm Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

Navigator Paper 80gsm

We are the service provider of navigator paper 80 gsm which use at different organizations for printing. Be it old printing device or the new one it prints on any device. The total weight of the navigator paper is 80gsm, whereas the size is A4. Aside from weight and size, there are other types of sheets availed too, such as glossy sheet for printing graphics on the sheet. They reuse the energy for producing navigator paper which means more contribution to the environment. It has a jam-free function which smoothly takes prints from the devices without any stoppage it saves the cost of printing 

Uses of Navigator paper 80 gsm

It is used for printing be it old device or a new printer, and it quickly takes printouts

Benefits of Navigator paper 80 gsm

It has a whiter surface and smoother texture 

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