OCB Rolling Paper

OCB Rolling Paper Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

OCB Rolling Paper

OCB stands for Odet Cascedec Bollore. The first manufacturing plant of OCB rolling papers was established in Odet which was specialized in manufacturing smoking rolling papers till now. They produce thin papers and exclusively made up of textile fibres and flax. As of now, OCB has collected numerous appraisals for the best natural smoke. This rolling paper has fulfilled the desired of various smokers who want to make their joint and smoke naturally. With the OCB rolling paper, you will be lost in the dreams. This brand has built its reputation in the market among other brands. We are the exporter of OCB rolling paper which we distribute globally.

Uses of OCB rolling paper

Through OCB rolling paper smokers make their tobacco rolls for a natural experience of smoking

Benefits of OCB rolling paper

It is thin in size and adds value to the smoker’s experience 

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