General Purpose Container

General Purpose Container Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ukraine

General Purpose Container

General Purpose Containers are the most notable and perceived containers being used today. Used to move products and freight via ocean and land, areas of strength for they're, and inconceivably strong. Made with strong Corten steel with supported corners to empower piling up to 8 holders high on the uncovered decks of a boat on lengthy journeys all over the planet, they're worked to endure the most horrendously terrible nature can toss at them.
At Port Shipping Containers we have a wide scope of delivery compartments accessible, both new and utilized.

Our General Purpose Container comes in 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot sizes, and all come furnished with swinging doors as standard that open to a full 270°. We can likewise change/alter delivering holders to incorporate things, for example, racks, entryways, air vents, windows, cooling, latrines, and so on.

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